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24 hours of sun brings us

It is our duty to leave our children and generations to come a world that is still worth living in. To assure that, there is no alternative to 24 hours of sun.

Transforming the power supply and power grid on the road to 24 hours of sun will create many jobs. All of us benefit from technological innovations that will make renewables the most cost-efficient power source globally.

24 hours of sun makes us independent of fossil fuels, energy imports and a vulnerable centralized energy supply.

You are 24 hours of sun!

No matter who you are, where you are or what you do -
you can contribute to make 24 hours of sun a reality.

“24 hours of sun is the vision of a world, where renewable energy sources cover 100% of our energy needs.”

“A world, where renewable energy is available for anyone, anywhere, at any time.”

“Solar energy plays a key role in the energy mix of renewables that will power our world 24 hours a day”

How can 24 hours of sun become reality?

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To make the visionary goal of 24 hours of sun a reality, it requires technologies and solutions that make it possible to generate and store renewable energy with incomparable efficiency and to distribute and consume that energy in a smart way.

However, it takes more than just technology. Only together we can make 24 hours of sun a reality for everyone.
You are 24 hours of sun.

Julia R.
/ Researcher at Fronius

“For our children there is no
alternative to 24 hours of sun”

Jim C.
/ Solar Power Provider

“Every day we get more independent
from fossil fuels - and generate some
green with green technology.”

Jose S.
/ Solar Energy Installer

“Solar energy is the key for an independent
and reliable power supply for all.”

Martin M.
/ Solar power system owner

“To invest in producing our own
energy means more independence.
24 hours of sun starts with
each one of us.”

Tara L.
/ Renewable energy
solutions student

“Protecting the environment is
important to me. I’m conscious about
the way I use energy.”

Spread the Word!

Join the 24 hours of sun community and let your contribution be an inspiration for others.

24 hours of sun starts with you.
If you commit yourself to use energy in a smart way, to reduce energy waste or to raise the ratio of renewables in the energy mix – you are 24 hours of sun.

ZIP and Country are required only for placing your message pin on the 24 hours sun world map.


Worldmap-Marker Each grey dot represents a PV system connected to Fronius Solar.web. There are many more PV systems out there and even more 24 hours of sun supporters. We are 24 hours of sun! What about you? Make yourself visible and spread the word. Join the movement now!