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24 hours of sun

The world needs climate heroes

Not all heroes wear capes

People all around the world become climate heroes every day because of the actions they take.

These may be big gestures as well as small changes.
Some use their own PV systems to power their households while others choose to leave their cars at home and take the train to work instead.
Climate heroes acting together can have a huge impact.

We call this big picture goal 24 hours of sun, a collective effort to create a sustainable world through 100% renewable energy.

We can all be climate heroes

In just three easy steps, you can become a climate hero too.
The main thing is being aware of how we use energy and the planet’s resources.


Even small everyday changes can have a beneficial effect on our climate.

How do you get to work each day? How do you go on holiday? There’s plenty of potential for positive change here.

Energy at home
Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there are lots of ways you can efficiently use green energy.

eigene PV Anlage


  • Generate you own energy using a PV system.
  • Heat your water using solar power.
  • Store energy to get the most out of the power you generate yourself at home. 
  • Charge your electric car using the power generated by your PV system.

Supplying yourself with your own solar energy is quite straight forward.

I want photovoltaics
Flexibel mit LUMINA.Strom


In addition to conserving energy, you can also make a huge contribution to the energy revolution by switching your energy supply to renewables.

  • Switching to a green electricity tariff is the easiest change you can make.
  • Do you actually know where the energy for your heating comes from? There are plenty of renewable options for this too. 
  • Are you the proud owner of an electric car? Then make sure you check whether the public charging points you use are supplied with electricity from renewable sources.

Want to switch to a green electricity tariff? Why not find out about the options available in your area - there could be no better time to switch. 

Are you already a climate hero?

What makes you a climate hero? Or to put it another way: Why are you 24 hours of sun?